( Original Title: Groppos Garten )
Director Cécile Brun
Author Cécile Brun
Produced by Asako Film | Anja Kofmel, Frances McStea
Genre Drama
Runtime 10 min.
Swiss German
Technique 2D animation, mixed media
Status In production

Cléo carries within herself the trauma of a miscarriage that has distanced her from her own body, from her partner and from the world at large. The one close relationship she has retained is to her grandfather, Groppo. She instinctively seeks refuge in his garden and the childhood memories she associates with it. But she doesn’t realize that her ties to the place go beyond mere emotional ties.

Just beyond the barrier of thick cigarette smoke that she tries to hide behind lies the inevitable confrontation with her recent past.
The garden begins to absorb Cléo. Wasps, beetles and centipedes draw her down into the depths of the earth and into her own self - until she is ready to confront her trauma.

Only then can she reconnect with herself and the world.

Supported by BAK Bundesamt für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung