( Original Title: Les enquêtes de Maëlys )
DirectorJean-Marc Duperrex
AuthorChristine Pompeï, Jean-Marc Duperrex
Line ProducerNicolas Burlet, Sereina Gabathuler, Corinne Destombes
GenreAdventure Series
Runtime52 x 13 Min min.
French / German
Head of AnimationNatacha Baud-Grasset
BackgroundsJudith Ordonneau, Doris Wettstein
Produced byNadasdy Film / Nicolas Burlet, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion / Sereina Gabathuler, Folimage / Corinne Destombes
Co-ProductionRSI Radio Television Suisse
Distributed bySuperights

Maelys is a ten-year-old girl, eager to solve mysteries. With the help of her best friend Lucien, she is always willing to investigate the mysteries she witnesses. Anything that seems suspicious to her is the beginning of an adventure. Like a treasure hunt, her quest is filled with castles, museums and natural areas for her to explore.