( Original Title: Papierschloss )
DirectorLuise Hüsler
AuthorLuise Hüsler
Runtime18 Min min.
Spanish / Swiss German
TechniqueDigital 2D animation, collage
StatusIn development
Head of AnimationLuise Hüsler
BackgroundsMarco Ellensohn
Produced byAnja Kofmel, Frances McStea

Paola (13), Sofia (14), Jefferson (15) and Patrick (19) are four teenagers who enjoy spending time with their friends, playing sports, shopping and watching Netflix and TikTok videos.
But unlike their peers, they have no legal residence papers. As they get older, they begin to understand what this “illegal” status actually means.

Paola was born in Zurich. She has never been abroad. Two years ago, she learned that she is a “Sans-Papiers”. The knowledge has made her cautious and wary in public spaces. She is beginning to form a political opinion and finds it very unfair and illogical that people are afforded different rights.

Sofia was caught involuntarily evading her tram fare a year ago and was taken to the police station. She learned the hard way that she cannot afford to make mistakes. She reluctantly follows her mother's advice: Never tell the truth.

Jefferson only came to Switzerland three years ago. His run-in with organized crime in El Salvador, where he grew up, left its mark on him. Here, he finally feels safe. In his spare time, he repairs game consoles and sells them on the internet.

Patrick, whose mother brought him to Switzerland two years ago to give him a brighter future, is currently experiencing the fact that he cannot do any vocational training. Only those who went to school here for 5 years can apply.

By turns serious and light-hearted, the four share their lives and thoughts with us.

Supported byMigros Kulturprozent BAK Bundesamt für Kultur Zürcher Filmstiftung