Director Anja Kofmel & Milo Addica
Author Anja Kofmel & Milo Addica
Line Producer Ursula Ulmi
Head of Animation Simon Eltz
Produced by Asako Film | Anja Kofmel
Co-Production SRF Swiss Radio and Television
Genre Drama
Runtime 90 min.
Technique 2D Animation / Super 8 live film
Status In development

«Timbuktu» tells the story of the terminally ill William Gurevitch, aka Willy G. Christmas– a brilliant but troubled homeless poet from Brooklyn NY – and his loyal companion, the mutt Mr. Bones.

Together, Willy and Mr. Bones embark on one last great adventure to search for the one person who ever believed in Willy: His old high-school English teacher, Mrs. Bea Swanson. She saw the talent of her student, the son of Polish holocaust survivors, and encouraged him, for as a black woman, she understood what it means to be disadvantaged simply for being different. Mrs. Swanson recognized that only writing could lift Willy out of his environment.

But Willy falls off the wagon, hangs out in New York's drug scene and ends up on the streets. He has long since lost contact with beloved mentor. And now, years later, Mr. Bones worries whether Mrs. Swanson is even still alive. For who else can stop Willy from disappearing to Timbuktu?
As Willys strength fades, the dog looks back on their time together. By way of flashbacks and Mr. Bones’ non-linear storytelling, we dive into the stories and the fate of our protagonists.

Based on Paul Auster's novel and told from the unusual perspective of the mongrel Mr. Bones, «Timbuktu» is a story about being different. The film addresses the topics of belonging and finding one’s identity and is – in the midst of social constraints – a plea for personal freedom, for diversity and for humanity.

Supported by BAK Bundesamt für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung